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USD $250.00

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Diving from a safe and comfortable sailboat will give you the best experience in Galapagos. Hammerhead Sharks, Bottle nosed Dolphins, and Mantas are common sightings in Galapagos while diving. Nautidiving operates Diving Yachts and boats in Galapagos since 1989, offering you a team with many years of experience, always ready to fulfill your needs and dreams, at a very convenient price.

Monday – Mosquera.
Tuesday – Seymour Island.
Wendsday – Gordon Rock.
Thursday – Isla Bartolome.
Friday – Gordon Rock.
Saturday – Mosquera.
Sunday – Daphne Menor.

Day (Dive Site Calendar)

7H00 Departure to ship.
9H30 1ST dive.
11H00 Snack.
11H30 2nd dive.
13H00 Return Port.
17H00 Shuttle to Hotel.

* The water between December and June is between 26 °C and 27°C, from June to November, because of the Humboldt Current the water drops to 14° and 16°C. There are a lot of colored reefs around all Dive Sites, and a variety of tropical fish and marine life, like fluorescent sea weed that makes your dive unique and beautiful.


* Between the type of fish and marine life, that can be found here are the Yellow and Grey Butterfly fish, Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks, Eagle Rays, Manta Rays, Mola Mola (Sunfish) Black Angel fish, Sting Rays, also Meros, Chernas, Hippocampus, Sea Bass, and lots of Coral Reef, in all kinds of shapes and colors.



-All Transfers in Galapagos.
-First Class Diving Sail boat with private facilities.
-Accommodations in Oceanfront Hotels,
-Personal Diving equipment
-Experienced National Park Naturalist and Dive Guides fee.
-2 daily Dives in the Marine Reserve and Visits to the National Park.
-Snacks and Lunch. Tanks and Weights. Great Dives.



-Galapagos National Park Tax: 100$.
-INGALA Control Transit Card $10.
-Underwater Video HD and Photo Camera rentals.
-Bar, Tips.