Expeditions 2017 - Dive In Ecuador
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Expeditions 2017

You must be MENTALLY ready for this experience

Join Roberto Ochoa in Galapagos on an exclusive expedition to ‘Sharks Heaven’ to promote the conservation of the world’s largest population of sharks / Ecuador coast expedition at Bajo Cope with Oceanic Mantas and Humpback Whales / NEW Sardine Run in South Africa Expedition

Why travel with Diveinecuador

DiveInEcuador are a team of professional divers who know what responsible tourism means.

We specializes in expeditions to the Galapagos Islands  and other parts of Ecuador, offering cruises aboard selected boats. We have qualified experts who will make your experience the best.

We have built a reputation for excellent service, our experience and knowledge of all the marine areas of Ecuador reflects our quality in our service.

We believe that our experience, combined with your enthusiasm and determination, will provide you with the best possible opportunity to be at the bottom of the ocean with the most beautiful marine creatures.